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/spreadplayers command resets scoreboard data on chunk unload



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.11
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      So i'm making this waypoint structure, and i have one out of spawn chunks named Test1 and one in spawn chunks named Test2

      waypoints have 2 scores, and one team

      • waypointid1 (dummy objective)
      • color (dummy objective)
      • color team (through dye0 - dye15 depending on the color)

      and i have a spreading armorstand that goes from the spawn chunks, to all the waypoints

      when i teleport from Test1 to Test2, Test2 loses:
      It's Color score,
      It's ID score,
      and it's team

      It keeps:
      It's tags
      It's names

      this is really annoying and breaks my whole entire creation, which is really unfortunate since i spent all day on it

      also, its not that its score is set to 0 it's LITERALLY taken off of the objective as if it never joined before

      as you can see in these pictures, i gave it some color, teleported to Test2 and came back only to find all the data about Test1 was removed

      the structure download is here:

      make sure to read the .txt file in the folder you get in the file! insert the .nbt into the structures folder in the saves folder of the world you'll be using to test this (if you are testing it) if there's no structures folder yet, make one called "structures" if it doesnt work ingame by tpying "Install_Waypoints" into a structure block or any other problems, here are some things you should do:

      • Make sure you're using a "Load" structure block
      • Double check you spelt "Install_Waypoints" correctly in the structure block
      • Double check you spelt "structures" correctly in the world save
      • Click the button on the module if the waypoints arent spawning


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