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Detecting the block states not saved in meta data does not work


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      When running /testforblock on iron bars, fences or panes the result is not as expected.

      As can be seen in the attachment, I ran

      /testforblock ~1 ~ ~ minecraft:iron_bars east=false


      /testforblock ~1 ~ ~ minecraft:iron_bars east=true

      directed at an iron_bars block with the block state east=true,north=false,west=false,south=false

      What I expected to happen was the first command to NOT find the block and the second command to do find the block.

      Instead, the opposite happened. The first command resulted in the block being found, despite the block state for "east=" not matching my criteria. The second command resulted in the block not being found, giving the message:
      "The block at -144, 67, -125 had the data value of minecraft:iron_bars[east=false,north=false,south=false,west=false] (expected: east=true)"

      Note: I was told to make an issue separate from MC-109353 even though both bugs seem similar.

      Affected blocks

      Last updated for 1.11.2

      Blockstates Properties
      bed[part=foot] occupied 1
      chorus_plant north, east, south, west, up, down
      dirt[variant=podzol], grass, mycelium snowy
      wooden_door[half=lower], iron_door[half=lower] hinge, powered
      wooden_door[half=upper], iron_door[half=upper] facing, open
      all fences north, east, south, west
      all fence gates in_wall
      fire north, east, south, west, upper
      flower_pot contents
      iron_bars, glass_pane, stained_glass_pane north, east, south, west
      powered_repeater, unpowered_repeater locked
      redstone_wire north, east, south, west
      all stairs shape
      pumpkin_stem, melon_stem facing
      tripwire north, east, south, west
      vine up
      cobblestone_wall north, east, south, west, up

      1 If the occupied property of the foot part is false, but the head part true

      Code analysis

      For flower pots, see MC-109353

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