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Interior Floor/Wall blocks showing through exterior walls in Woodland Mansion



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    • Minecraft 16w42a, Minecraft 16w43a, Minecraft 16w44a
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    • OS: Windows 10
      Java: Java 1.8.0_25 64bit
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      In the Woodland Mansion generated structure, floor and wall blocks for the interior of the building are visible on the exterior wall of the structure.

      What I expected to happen was...:
      To not be able to see any of the interior birch flooring as part of the outside wall (especially as it appears to be single blocks, and not a band running around the building)

      What actually happened was...:
      Some blocks from the interior walling and flooring are replacing (or not being overwritten by) some of the exterior of the structure.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Make a world (with generated structures setting turned on, and where "Roofed Forest" will generate)
      2. Find a Woodland Mansion structure (e.g: "/locate" command)
      3. Fly around the building - and note, between the second and third floors, that some of the birch flooring is visible from the exterior of the building.

      Additional Notes:

      • Related to: MC-107637?
        • Closest relative I could find when doing a search for this issue.
      • I believe these are the same issue, but I can split the ticket if they're not:
        • May also see some Dark Oak logs poking through the walls (other than the pattern that rings the building)
        • May also see some Cobblestone stairs with incorrect facing that allows visibility into the structure


      1. Seed: 5596122738704322835
        • Large Biomes generator setting.
        • Birch planks:
          1. 22533, 83, -10983
          2. 22549, 83, -10999
        • Dark Oak Logs:
          1. 22527, 81, -10983
          2. 22551, 81, -10999
        • "Incorrectly Facing" Stairs:
          1. 22559, 80, -11014
          2. 22559, 83, -11014
        • All of these missing slices, and showing pieces appear to be on the southern face of the structure
        • All of the 'incorrectly facing' stairs appear to be against the south-east corner




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