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Cloned button on TOP of a command block, no longer functions after clone/move/replace



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    • Minecraft 1.10.2
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    • Windows 10; Java version 8 update 101; 12GB ram
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      If I clone, with move replace, a block of 18 blocks (a simple 3x3 platform, with one of the blocks a command block), with the 3x3 layer above it to capture the button) and move it in any direction, the platform moves as expected and so does the button, but the button on the TOP command block no longer functions.

      If, however, I put the button on the SIDE of the command block, it functions as expected.

      I am using the ~ notation for specifying the cube to move.eg.
      clone ~-1 ~1 ~ ~1 ~ ~-2 ~-1 ~ ~-1 replace move
      This is on the command block.

      Describe what happened here: the volume moves, including the button, but the button no longer activates the command block. Putting the button on the side of the same command block, same volume, and the button moves and still works to move the command block.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Create a 3x3 platform of stone. Assigning mentally positive Z as north
      2.replace the center, north stone with a command block
      3. Place a stone button on the command block.
      4) use "clone ~-1 ~1 ~ ~1 ~ ~-2 ~-1 ~ ~-1 replace move" as the command in the command block
      5) "use" button. The platform moves, along with the button, but the button no longer functions.

      --test of side-
      1)remove button.
      2)knock out the center stone piece.
      3)place button on side of command block.
      4) "use" button. Platform moves and one can use it again.

      The orientation of the command block (e.g. the direction the arrow is facing) does not affect the behavior.

      Note, a pressure plate on the top exhibits the same behavior: works once.


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