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Crafting a Zoomed Out Map By a Hotbar Hotkey Won't Update It


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    • Minecraft 16w41a
    • Minecraft 1.10.2, Minecraft 16w40a
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      While Left and Shift-Clicking to craft works fine, zooming out a map by a hotbar hotkey ("1" to "9" by default) doesn't update the map.

      The paper in the crafting grid is still consumed.

      Exiting and reentering the world doesn't fix the intended zoom-out.


      How to Reproduce:

      1) Open an empty map.

      2) In a Crafting Table Grid, place the crafting configuration for a zoomed-out map: a filled map surrounded in 8 paper sheets.

      3) Craft and place the output map in a designated empty Hotbar Slot simultaneously by pressing the corresponding hotkey for that slot.
      In other words, craft the map by a Hotbar Hotkey.

      What should happen is that nothing changes for the map.

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