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Sometimes, when riding an animal, it disappear


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    • Minecraft 1.10.2
    • OS: Windows 10 Family
      JAVA: Version 8 Update 91
      PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz x4
      GRAPHICCARD: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
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      (Story): I was in "survival", I walked with my horse. When I came down from this one, he disappeared, I thus looked for him in the surroundings, but he was not any more there. I took back my saddle in creative, even if I do not like cheating. I began again with a mule, and he is similar but this time, I had not come down, but I had left the game, I returned he was not any more there either.
      It's easy to reproduce i think.

      IT WAS A WORLD IN LOCAL (it apears only if you are in local, without or with someone)

      Thanks in advance, i like to use horses or mules in survival so make it fast

      DamienBRD - 14Ju2016

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