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Shadow errors and block textures turning black.


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    • Minecraft 1.9.4
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    • Windows 10, AMD Radeon 8750M. Java 64. All of these are fully updated.
      Samsung 370R.
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      Hello. I experience errors related to shadows and that the textures of blocks turn black. I'm using a texture pack called "Flow's HD", but as far as I can remember, these problems also occur with the default resource pack. The errors are always the same, and new ones are made during the process of building. As I load the world, these can be seen. It is easily to "fix" them. I just put a block close to or upon the errors, and by removing it, the errors are half-way fixed. Anyway, I can do this as many times as I want, but they occur again every time the chunk they're in are reloaded. I barily use any other worlds, so I can't say whether this has happened in them. These problems started happening in 1.8.4, the first 1.8 version I played, as 1.8.0 crashed my worlds and made large damages to them. There were mainly water and glass errors. These were a bit fixed in 1.9. Elsewhere, the shadow and black textures (Also light errors) have become worse as more I've updated the game. The world I'm playing in was made in 1.7.10.

      This has not only happened to me, as pretty much of the same errors have been on servers I've played on. Yes, others could see them as well.

      Also, light is divided into squares, so by placing a light block on a wall inside a dark room (Or somewhere else, but easiest to see in dark rooms) will create light, but that this light will suddenly stop. It won't reach all blocks.

      These walls have a height of 10 or higher.

      It is pretty hard to see how the light errors work in pictures, so having the world to try them out one self would be best.

      (Note that one of the shadow errors on the train are gone on this picture, and it looks like it dissapeared when I built the pilar.

      (The "light square" errors in picture "2016-06-04_17.37.46" and "2016-06-04_17.37.40" came in 1.9, and not in an earlier version.

      Versions: 1.8 versions and 1.9 versions. Currently using 1.9.4. The first 1.8 version was 1.8.4, since 1.8.0 crashed my worlds and did severe damages to them. This world that I'm playing in, was as aforementioned, made in 1.7.10 and the first 1.8 version it was opened in, was 1.8.4. I think the first 1.9 version I played was 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.


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