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Iron Golems do not get out of water (1 block deep)


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    • Minecraft 1.9.4
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    • Windows 8.1, Intel Core i5, 64
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      In my village the automatically spawned iron golems do not get out of water, if they have gone into it. They act very passively. On one of my screenshots one of them even sticks in the earth and is unable to get out. The other screenshot shows an iron golem completely under water (in the lake near by the village, unfortunately it is very dark, but I have no potion for sight in this world and I play there without cheats...).
      In earlier versions this never happend. The iron golems were outside of the water every time and went peacefully through the villages.

      I did not find this bug in the list of the issues, so I thought I can report it. I am very sorry, if it was already reported...

      Best regards from Germany

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