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tamed cats despawning randomly



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    • Minecraft 1.4.7
    • osx 10.8.2 java7
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      survival multiplayer is having an annoying issue of disappearing cats.

      I understand that cats won't teleport to you out in the middle of the water, but i'll set two cats sitting in a location then come back less than 24 hours later and only one is there, not two. i thought people were killing my cats at first so i tested by making an obsidian box to store them in (so someone would have to break the obsi to get in) .. and when i came back only 1 of the 2 cats i left sitting were still there. then i got even more hardcore and made my own server so there aren't any other players that could be harming my cats, and got the same results.

      Kittens tend to disappear MUCH more frequently than grown cats (usually at the exact moment they're supposed to mature to adults), but grown cats are still vanishing as well.

      I have also retraced my steps to make sure the cats weren't just hiding in an unloaded chunk and forgot to teleport to me.

      – resubmitting ticket using logs from a purely vanilla server with an unmodified client. had 9 cats last night night and lost 4 overnight on one server. i had 3 cats this morning and am down to 1 already in less than 30 minutes of testing on another (the one i attached logs from) i also have full access to the server itself as i set it up purely for testing purposes.


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