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Minecraft Lag and General Memory Leaks



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.4.2
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      Windows 7, Latest java on automatic update, 2.0ghz dual core intel processor and 2.5gb Ram (not the best laptop and geeks will say its because of the computer)
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      Basically every single update mincraft ever has they seem to give a better fps but then no it all goes downhill from there. When ever i am on my multiplayer server that I and some friends own (private whitelisted) its a powerful server and so there is nothing wrong on the side of the server but if I am in un explored areas meaning there are no player placed blocks and no torches and basically its just stock minecraft I can get 40-60 fps stable with no lag. As soon as i goto a base or somewhere that has been developed its every freaking second I move the fps drops to 0 for a matter of 0.001 second then back up to 40-60fps its so freaking annoying and has to be fixed or optimised, with my specs if I have everything on tiny fast and off I should be able to run minecraft without a doubt very smoothly, but no, if I install optifine the game runs perfectly in any enviroment i go in, normal render distance with fancy graphics is out of the question without optifine but as soon as i install that i can play with stable frames per second, on normal render distance and on fancy graphics. I know i have only spoken about my issue but i have seen this problem many times before.

      Truth be told i think its very bad coding on mojangs part i mean if something goes wrong or an entity appears to be in the wrong place it gives that error message like 60 times and lower processors just cannot handle this. Please guys dont just dismiss the lower end pc users, if we had the money to go buying the top of the range pc's we would but it just isn't all that easy.

      One more thing, if they made the game actually make use of the ram you give it then im sure that would clear up a few things i mean usually the game wont go over the 500mb limit whereas if it gave the ram a little more to do im sure that could help some of us out.




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