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    • Minecraft 1.9
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    • mac OS X version 10.9.5 java:1.8.0_74 64 bit
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      this bug is produced if your make a piston slime block airplane (see attachment) and if you fly with it and the chunks become unloaded the airplane won't stop and every block he travels the blocks will not despawn so you get a long train of glitchy blocks you can stand on them whiteout any problems but if you demolish a block it drops nothing and if you place a block it replaces the glitchy block also redstone blocks won't work you can place TNT next to it whiteout a problem also gravity effected block (like falling TNT sand gravel) go trough them

      this bug is produced by making a piston plane (attachment) (left to right first piston is a normal the second is a sticky piston 3 is a normal one) then put a redstone block on the sticky piston and then remove it now its flies if its far away do /kill now fly to the plane and you see the bug

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