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Nintendo Switch crash and login bugs have started occurring after the new update.



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.20
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      Nintendo Switch.
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      After the most recent update for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, I've encountered several issues and bugs which has been a problem a few patches earlier too. It's starting to get very... Frequent. So, when I open Minecraft it, as usual, takes a little bit of time to load. (Around... 2-3 minutes.) Then, when it gets to the main page, it doesn't automatically log in. So I press 'log in' and even though I was logged in when I quit the game yesterday it gave me another code instead of actually logging in. And when I pressed the x in the corner to take it away, I realized that I might as well try and log in. This is where it gets frustrating, because instead of giving me another code it didn't react when I clicked on the sign in button. I did it a little more, but it didn't respond so I went to the settings and clicked the ' Sign up for free' button. It didn't do anything.
      After re-starting the game I got a code after a pop up appeared because of the error. After I logged in though, It stopped showing all the buttons. When I clicked a little, nothing happened so I exited the game (suspending the software, not closing it) and tried to get back in, my screen froze. Then, nothing happened so I tried pushing the power button to turn it into sleep mode. When it didn't work I ended up pressing the button until the options came up and clicked on the sleep mode button, which also ended up with the screen staying that way. Basically, freezing. Is it your game that's harming the console? Please, reach out when you've found out what the problem is...


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