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Newest update 1.16.20 crash / freezes whole Nintendo Switch system


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    • 1.16.21
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      Update on this issue:

      Oct. 6, 2020: When commenting, please be sure that you are experiencing this issue, which is that the entire Switch console freezes and has to be hard reset. That should have been fixed for most users in 1.16.21. Crashes that close the game but do not freeze the entire console, and problems signing in, are not necessarily related to this issue.

      We are still investigating this issue, please feel free to add a vote here if you are affected, but please refrain from adding unnecessary comments. This is a bug tracker and not a forum for discussion or feedback, and we cannot provide status updates here.

      For an up-to-date status on issues, please see the tweets from Mojang Status at https://twitter.com/MojangStatus.

      For any account related queries, you will need to contact Mojang Customer Support directly.

      Potential Workaround:
      "For a temporary workaround, try not signing in to a Microsoft account. While you won’t have access to servers, Realms, or possibly Marketplace content, you can play single player & split-screen worlds. We are still investigating. - HZ"

      My friends and I have all just updated to the newest version of minecraft on switch and every one of us are having an issue where our games will freeze before we’ve even loaded into a world, and so when we try to exit out of the game and shut it down our Nintendo switches will freeze entirely. My switch is only 3 months old so for it to be having these issues is not because of how much it’s been used, plus it’s not just me.
      In just 30 minutes I had to restart my switch 6 times because it froze on me while trying to load my games.

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