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Multiplayer games over wifi



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    • 1.14.60
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      I bought Minecraft over 4 years ago and previously every online world I played with friends in would work smoothly every time, with the recent updates added I have discovered a bug that prohibits the player to enter any world made by an online friend, also there has been another reoccurring bug alongside the aforementioned bug that Crashes the players game or signs the player out of their account completely a player experiencing the first bug will usually be playing in the same world they are trying to access but can not access it anymore due to the game deeming the player "not connected to wifi" when their is a clear connection and even when the problem is fixed the player tryin to access the world will still decisive another error "unable to connect to world" afterwards if the player still persists and manages to fix it their could still be more bugs like getting booted off the game or having ones account locked with out warning. This has been an ongoing bug since before the release of 1.14 but has become a bigger more persistent problem after the update. These bugs are game breaking and I still have not been able to play online worlds with friends for over 2 months ever since re-downloading the game


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