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Crossplay Issues on Playstation 4 and possibly other platforms.



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      To get straight to the point, Minecraft crossplay is seeing the same issue come up on most if not all platforms. The issue that when playing on different platforms we can sign in through our Microsoft/Xbox Live accounts to allow crossplay but cannot connect to crossplatform worlds created by friends. We are met with the screen text "Unable to connect to world." or "Could not connect: Outdated client!" Through google searches and forum scouring I have found no answer to this. I am met with comments that say to update the game or restart the game or even uninstall the game and so on and etc. I am here to say that we have tried all of your and others' solutions on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Pocket Edition and have hear of the same problem happening with Nintendo Switch. All of our games are fully up to date and before the recent update the same problem occurred but did not always occur. I ask that you actually look into the cross platform problem as it is causing many people to play such a great game much less. Please help, me and my friends are really hoping to play together on a large world and we all play on different platforms, PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Pocket Edition, all fully up to date on the Bedrock Edition. We have played before and know its possible, but after the latest update it has become impossible (believe me, I'm Still trying.)


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