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My brother cant join me



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      My brother cant join my world, we both bought the game, and both added on friends already, quite far from our home for like 5kilometers away, we got to play one time and he got to join, but after that the next day he couldnt join at all he keeps recieving UNABLE TO JOIN and its very annoying at this point, he literally bought the game just so he can play with me and this is happening? Were running out of options also tried some apps, it worked for awhile but that was only 1 day.

      Please fix this and make it alot easier to join other friends even from around the world, cant do progress on my world without him, and make it alot more easier to report Bugs and stuff, taken me awhile just to make this stupid big report. Might not be a bug not that sure, but pos fix this its really a problem.

      Why buy minecraft if u cant even play with friends, just go get crack version and play alone, paid mc offers that as well


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