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Villagers Float and Mobs are invisible...



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      Hi, I recently created a new realm with some friends,

      I have noticed a few bugs since 1.16.100, one is that some mobs are invisible to one player and not to others, if that person logs out and back in the mob that was invisible to them can be seen. But this happens to all players on the realm...
      Second one is that I was attempting to start a villager breeder, and the villagers that I captured, and the ones that are being bred, are glitching all over the place. Hovering out of the beds several blocks away orĀ  just out of their beds, and then sometimes I can't see some of them sleeping in their beds, then I try to relog, and same thing happens, but with different villagers, so I haven't been able to see ALL my villagers at once yet. I have tried destroying beds, and breaking all work stations, so far nothing has helped.
      There is actually about 10 villagers in the attached photo with only 3 showing, 1 is hovering, the one standing up is actually asleep, and then the other is okay, with another 7 invisible on different beds.
      Thank you.




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