Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.20 Pre-release 5 - HTML format


  • [MC-572] - Anvils sometimes destroy items when falling on them even if they aren't placed successfully
  • [MC-74984] - Client continues to connect to server after canceling on 'Connecting to server' screen
  • [MC-120158] - Anvils and other falling_blocks with HurtEntities set to true kill items and xp orbs
  • [MC-163467] - Jack o'lanterns can be enchanted with curses
  • [MC-261294] - Jack o'lantern can be placed on the player or armor stand head without commands and without appearing the blur
  • [MC-262334] - Item display entities have wrong lighting when they're rotated
  • [MC-262504] - Recipes for colored wool, carpets, and beds in the recipe book are not grouped
  • [MC-262513] - Blocks placed in the spot of a previously broken block will display the first frame of the breaking animation until updated
  • [MC-262514] - Unbreakable blocks display the first breaking animation frame when attempting to mine them
  • [MC-262690] - The player can still jump from the edge of the honey block
  • [MC-262730] - Biomes being partially overwritten / regenerated in 1.20pre2 inside old world
  • [MC-262773] - Markers, interaction, and display entities prevent weighted pressure plates from deactivating
  • [MC-262778] - Losing control of a ridden mob with levitation and then re-gaining control causes levitation to persist indefinitely
  • [MC-262797] - Book model not rendering in Enchanting Table GUI
  • [MC-262801] - Z-fighting occurs on trimmed enchanted armor in the inventory

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