Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 21w17a - HTML format


  • [MC-170443] - Banner copying recipe ignores existence of other items in crafting grid
  • [MC-187664] - World border uses float to determine its size, making some border sizes inaccessible, and cannot be set to 30 million or beyond
  • [MC-197805] - Minecraft crashes every time I try to craft something (caused by BungeeCord or Paper)
  • [MC-201269] - Constantly teleporting player to a phantom crashes the game/kicks the player
  • [MC-203570] - Candles aren't grouped in the recipe book
  • [MC-203745] - Repeated teleport between dimensions causes the entity to duplicate on the client
  • [MC-204031] - Waxed Cut Copper (any level of weathered) have two separate recipes in the recipe book
  • [MC-214187] - Void platform generates multiple times
  • [MC-214735] - Horse disappears when dying while riding it and reloading the world while it's unloaded
  • [MC-214838] - Big dripleaf stem remains after breaking a stem or leaf above it
  • [MC-214865] - Floating islands world type generates extreme terrain
  • [MC-219155] - Fishing line only starts on half distance between the fishing rod and bobber (Apple M1 only)
  • [MC-219840] - You cannot unlock the recipe for Mossy Stone Bricks
  • [MC-219842] - Recipes for mossy cobblestone and mossy stone bricks aren't grouped
  • [MC-220033] - (Parity issue) Hanging Roots can't be waterlogged
  • [MC-221560] - Copper/Coal Ore in Deepslate Patches aren't Deepslate Ores
  • [MC-222008] - Empty/missing template pool error grammar mistake
  • [MC-222107] - sounds/mob/goat/pre_ram3.ogg missing from entity.goat.prepare_ram sound event
  • [MC-222520] - Raw and Ore smelting previews aren't grouped together
  • [MC-223055] - Amethyst buds and cluster have an unused blockstate
  • [MC-223792] - Shrinking world border with center past x/z 29999983 crashes the game

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