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Repeated teleport between dimensions causes the entity to duplicate on the client


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Run:

      /execute in the_nether run forceload add 0 0
      /summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Tags:[foo]}
      /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

      2. Place a repeating command block with the command:

      execute in the_nether run tp @e[tag=foo] 0 0 0

      3. Place a chain command block with the command:

      tp @e[tag=foo] ~ ~ ~

      4. Wait a little bit.

      Notice that the fps decreases and the log gets filled with warnings about duplicate entity UUID's.

      5. Look at the armor stand, and kill it using the kill command.

      Notice that there is still a "targeted entity" entry in the f3 menu.


      This bug did not occur in 1.16.4.

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