Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 20w51a - HTML format


  • [MC-149799] - When a crossbow is loaded and in the offhand, you do not see it anymore if you carry an item in the main hand
  • [MC-176615] - It is possible to destroy netherite items with lava by putting them inside a container
  • [MC-203563] - Cake appears eaten for a split second when putting a candle on it
  • [MC-203568] - Trying to put a candle onto a candle cake duplicates the candle
  • [MC-204058] - Placing a candle on a cake causes hunger display desync
  • [MC-204146] - Netherite can burn whilst inside of a bundle
  • [MC-205057] - Bundle inventory preview is off-center inside of the tooltip box
  • [MC-205212] - Desync when putting a candle on a cake in Survival mode
  • [MC-206721] - The empty slot in the bundle tooltip should always be at the top left position
  • [MC-206839] - Pointed dripstones cause extreme durability damage to helmets
  • [MC-207125] - Loaded crossbow in offhand does not show breaking block hand animation
  • [MC-207316] - Wool item entities trigger sculk sensors.
  • [MC-207323] - Dripstones that extend to y level 0 don't fall
  • [MC-207404] - Walking on wool triggers sculk sensors
  • [MC-207405] - Nether stars can be blown up while being inside of a bundle/shulker box
  • [MC-208082] - Game stalls when any message is displayed in chat while playing with an expired session

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