Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 20w48a - HTML format


  • [MC-3615] - Lava and water are completely transparent at certain height levels
  • [MC-8017] - Arrows and tridents are not being slowed down by webs but eggs and snowballs are
  • [MC-173745] - Lower part of end gateway block beam renders incorrectly
  • [MC-176614] - Swimming and doing certain actions make the player look very odd/does not have animations for swimming + doing certain actions
  • [MC-198864] - World border does not render below y=0 / above y=255
  • [MC-200696] - Clock's texture does not match the new gold color pallete
  • [MC-203602] - Spyglass animation is wrong when swimming
  • [MC-203645] - Spyglass wobbles when walking while in use
  • [MC-203824] - Weird Hand animation when attacking and using spyglass at the same time
  • [MC-203925] - Items inside of a bundle disappear if you empty the bundle in the inventory when in Creative mode while the inventory is full
  • [MC-203951] - The elder guardian particle moves when an elder guardian moves
  • [MC-204323] - Inconsistency: Crafting copper blocks into slabs only yields 4 slabs instead of 6
  • [MC-204424] - Using a spyglass while gliding with an elytra points the spyglass down in third person view
  • [MC-205041] - Full leather armour does not prevent freezing damage
  • [MC-205069] - Powdered snow doesn't give you frozen effect in creative mode
  • [MC-205072] - Snow Ambient Effect sometimes don't show correctly on the edge of a Powder Snow Block
  • [MC-205145] - Compass with nothing to point to will spin very rapidly when in bundle.
  • [MC-205197] - Creating a map from an empty map no longer plays a sound
  • [MC-205220] - Cannot manipulate horse.saddle using /item command
  • [MC-205228] - Player arms still move when using a spyglass while flying
  • [MC-205269] - Chest closing sounds desynced with closing animations
  • [MC-205321] - Item modifiers that change the item type don't work on entities
  • [MC-205445] - The Fabulous graphics warning is shown at the wrong time
  • [MC-205454] - Bundles can be used to duplicate items in the crafting grid
  • [MC-205455] - Bundles cannot pick up items in certain slots
  • [MC-205492] - The 'Include entities' option in the structure block UI is the opposite of the actual behavior
  • [MC-205567] - TNT flashes are translucent once again
  • [MC-205627] - Item modifiers that change the count to 0 don't completely remove the item
  • [MC-206058] - /item modify doesn't visually update the model of an item in an item frame

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