Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.16 Release Candidate 1 - HTML format


  • [MC-59540] - Creating superflat world without layers causes to get "Classic Flat"
  • [MC-86197] - Shield blocking happens even while eating
  • [MC-88901] - Blocking with Shield, and getting hit causes visual bug.
  • [MC-93311] - The water texture overlay is not fully covered when the window is resized
  • [MC-109121] - 2 × 2 jungle and spruce trees don't grow from the lowest layer
  • [MC-117312] - Hover and click events are at wrong position for right-to-left languages
  • [MC-135333] - Open fence gates still block players in water
  • [MC-150543] - Using a stonecutter can sometimes crash the game in certain circumstances
  • [MC-152934] - Water and lava disappear when dispensed through a dispenser at build limit
  • [MC-164224] - Non updated lava layers that rarely generate in Nether wastes, crimson forests, and warped forests
  • [MC-164569] - Random "Block Broken" in jungle
  • [MC-166921] - Incorrect bow animation when eating
  • [MC-166959] - Can't trade with villager after clicking on them while holding a written book.
  • [MC-174790] - Mob on turtle eggs causes the game to crash
  • [MC-175634] - Fishing line disconnects while drinking
  • [MC-181313] - Server crashes when critical arrow with very high damage value hits an entity
  • [MC-181833] - Crash on world startup after playing world in 20w18a
  • [MC-182960] - Parity issue: Splash texts
  • [MC-187423] - Ender pearls sometimes won't work with end gateways

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