Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 19w46b - HTML format


  • [MC-38779] - Thin black stripes over mooshrooms / iron golems / enderman / falling block with mipmapping
  • [MC-86619] - Hand moves up and down when switching between empty slots
  • [MC-112995] - Cannot use items while looking at armor stand
  • [MC-114576] - Blocks with flat textures held by player in third person view, villager / iron golem or enderman have z-fighting
  • [MC-119078] - Glowing is not working for some entities
  • [MC-128184] - Super fast travelling trough straight water
  • [MC-143981] - Trader llamas panic when hurt by the player
  • [MC-145338] - trader llamas attack for no reason
  • [MC-161874] - Scoreboard sidebar text is partially transparent
  • [MC-163404] - Inner parts of slime blocks and honey blocks disappear while the block is moved by a piston
  • [MC-163893] - Held item lighting in first person doesn't change accordingly in relation with light sources
  • [MC-165521] - Thrown items are rotated incorrectly when using the third person camera from the front

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