Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 18w47b - HTML format


  • [MC-137565] - Cod and cooked cod item uses old texture
  • [MC-137746] - Crash when generating at exactly the top of the world
  • [MC-138043] - Poppy textures has spines
  • [MC-138337] - Mobs don't spawn above highest generated block
  • [MC-138566] - Barrels facing south have a rotated front texture
  • [MC-138709] - Tuxedo cat texture issue
  • [MC-139183] - New command block textures
  • [MC-139270] - Loading structures with less than full structure integrity loads nothing or everything
  • [MC-139401] - Pistons are no longer (redstone) transparent
  • [MC-139497] - Can't place rails, redstone, and other blocks that need a solid block below on Soulsand
  • [MC-139678] - Fish are no longer spawning in water.
  • [MC-139693] - Blocks appear elsewhere in the world when they update
  • [MC-139722] - Vindicators now have green eyes
  • [MC-139764] - World generation logs warning "Empty or none existent pool : minecraft:empty"
  • [MC-139818] - Pillager outposts spawn absurd amounts of pillagers
  • [MC-139829] - Illager patrol won't follow the leader

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