Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w18b - HTML format


  • [MC-114930] - Narrator not working
  • [MC-115838] - Dark dot on white bed in recipe selection
  • [MC-116746] - @s selector ignores dx/dy/dz
  • [MC-116772] - Illusion Illagers are required for advancement "Kill All Mobs" even though they don't spawn
  • [MC-116810] - Models on Recipe Book tabs render badly
  • [MC-116821] - doLimitedCrafting gamerule not working
  • [MC-116940] - Client/server disagreement when using a knowledge book with invalid recipes
  • [MC-116950] - Cannot place buttons, levers, torches... on barrier blocks
  • [MC-116953] - A single horse is considered tamed multiple times in a row
  • [MC-116974] - Can place block-dependent blocks on glassy blocks or leaves
  • [MC-116976] - Shulker box duplication when placed below lever
  • [MC-116985] - Buttons and levers can't be placed on the sides of corner stairs

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