Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w17a - HTML format


  • [MC-114971] - Missing usage translation for '/advancement test' command
  • [MC-114979] - advancement command doesn't allow bulk grant/revoking
  • [MC-115056] - "Remote Gateway" advancement cannot be obtained by using ender pearls
  • [MC-115170] - Advancements Test Command Success Uses the Wrong Translation
  • [MC-115173] - Unsuccessful advancement test command has player and advancement name interchanged
  • [MC-115442] - Advancement alerts aren't aligned to the top-right corner
  • [MC-115574] - "Sniper Duel" advancement triggered when killing non-skeleton mob at distance
  • [MC-115740] - Inconsistent error message for /advancement grant @p *
  • [MC-115805] - Fences/panes/walls/bars/torches connect to a number of non-solid blocks
  • [MC-115821] - Tooltips with long titles in the advancements menu are cut off
  • [MC-115880] - 'Take Aim' advancement granted by projectiles other than arrows
  • [MC-115936] - Narrator does not properly read output from /say, /tell and /tellraw command
  • [MC-115940] - Division by zero crash with alternating /recipe commands
  • [MC-116016] - Advancement "adventure/trade" uses criteria named "shot_arrow"
  • [MC-116245] - "Zombie Doctor" advancement description has a period, while others don't
  • [MC-116427] - Shulker mob's color is dark purple
  • [MC-116471] - Conditional command blocks SuccessCount doesn't update
  • [MC-116514] - "durability" option for item-based triggers succeeds for items without durability
  • [MC-116516] - "item_durability_changed" triggers when base change is 0, but not when Unbreaking reduces the change to 0
  • [MC-116536] - Recipe red/white outline is inconsistent while searching
  • [MC-116623] - Stained hardened clay / terracotta blocks do not have correct color on map
  • [MC-116650] - Wooden fences connect to nether brick fences

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