Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w18a - HTML format


  • [MC-3631] - Creepers float one-eighth of a block above the ground.
  • [MC-31728] - Resource Pack Glitch on Shaders
  • [MC-34648] - Torch not placeable on stained glass
  • [MC-46776] - When only a Spectator stays near mobs, they don't despawn
  • [MC-47811] - The bottom texture of non-full blocks is flipped vertically
  • [MC-48831] - "Reeds" Model Displays Incorrectly
  • [MC-48954] - When you kill invisible horse variants, the screen will turn red/black
  • [MC-50073] - It is possible to change the missing block model
  • [MC-50239] - Pick block on hydrated farmland gives dirt block with invalid data value (missing texture)
  • [MC-50510] - Burning Furnace Has Wrong Inventory Image
  • [MC-50729] - Vines orienting improperly in inside corners
  • [MC-51323] - water doesn't put burning silverfish out
  • [MC-51379] - Rails render from below, but not correctly
  • [MC-51934] - Lapis-Lazuli Ore Pick Block
  • [MC-53370] - Any stone slabs ontop of one another creates a double stone block
  • [MC-53371] - Respawn button does not work if spawnpoint is outside of the worldborder
  • [MC-53375] - Sheep give other color when sheared
  • [MC-53381] - Player takes damage when world border is nearer than 179 blocks
  • [MC-53401] - redstone overlay gets tinted
  • [MC-53405] - Singleplayer menu: Only one click loads world
  • [MC-53412] - The worldborder stops the player one block further away from the center in South/East direction
  • [MC-53419] - Unable to create/load new heavily customized world
  • [MC-53434] - Can place blocks outside world border.
  • [MC-53442] - /worldborder missing string: commands.worldborder.setSlowly.success
  • [MC-53460] - Redstone gives off no particles when being broken
  • [MC-53464] - Scrollbar in all lists act weird / unresponsively
  • [MC-53469] - Sliders have incorrect values causing world to never be created (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive)
  • [MC-53493] - Minecraft Crashes when setting FixedBiome to Hell
  • [MC-53514] - Lava Oceans setting does not work in Customized world type
  • [MC-53570] - Barrier particles fight for attention
  • [MC-53580] - Crafting wool/clay/glass/dog collars results in the wrong color.
  • [MC-53616] - River Generation Dramatically Increased in Default World-Gen.
  • [MC-53773] - Cannot Respawn Outside Worldborder
  • [MC-53918] - Double-clicking server in server list no longer does anything

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