Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Snapshot 13w10a - HTML format


  • [MC-122] - Unicode font text shadow misaligned
  • [MC-1505] - Grass fades under upside-down stairs (except oak wood ones)
  • [MC-3114] - Activated detector-rails moved by a piston keep their activated state
  • [MC-3409] - Single player mode, creative mode, E to select block, select block from grid, E to return to game, game freezess, crash log created
  • [MC-7254] - Furnace Tile Entities reproducing - Internal performance bug
  • [MC-8184] - Redstone block and torches don't power dispensers, droppers, TNT and Noteblocks
  • [MC-8826] - Adding an item to a hopper with a dropper does not change comparator state.
  • [MC-9018] - Faceless Furnace/Furnace Duplication.
  • [MC-9336] - Extending Piston animation missing
  • [MC-9460] - Piston retracting disapears if pushed out by another piston
  • [MC-9534] - Issues with Baby Cows' hitboxes
  • [MC-10500] - Unicode defined font in texture pack is misfunctional.
  • [MC-10543] - Last Direct Multiplayerconnection does not get saved
  • [MC-10670] - Hard Crash
  • [MC-10679] - Hopper Cool-Down is messed up
  • [MC-10694] - Piston arm passes through other piston
  • [MC-10731] - Hoppers facing one another are inconsistent.
  • [MC-10778] - Slowness 127 and Speed 110 together flip view
  • [MC-10786] - Comparator doesn't update when a hopper takes in only part of an item stack
  • [MC-10825] - Using /clear on more than 1 player will stop clearing inventories once an empty inventory is encountered
  • [MC-10826] - /me cannot use @p correctly
  • [MC-10889] - updated redstone bug (detectorrail)
  • [MC-10900] - "/scoreboard teams empty teamName" error message says "%s" instead of the team's name

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