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  • [MCPE-32627] - Villagers preoccupied with trading carrots
  • [MCPE-33849] - Bubblewater can glitch through magma / soulsand block
  • [MCPE-35406] - Librarians don't offer enchanted books for tridents
  • [MCPE-36244] - All types of zombies do not attack/trample Sea Turtle eggs
  • [MCPE-37160] - Vibrate on block destroy doesn't work in Survival
  • [MCPE-37811] - Water leaks out through coral block
  • [MCPE-40344] - Enderdragons Acid Breath Does Far Too Much Damage/Is Instant Kill
  • [MCPE-43208] - The vindicator does not attack the player until we hit him.
  • [MCPE-47040] - No trade discounts from cured villagers
  • [MCPE-47055] - Illagers who spawn in woodland mansion won't attack villager v2
  • [MCPE-48712] - Cured zombie villagers no longer change professions
  • [MCPE-53880] - Bee Hive Block top tile doesn't rotate
  • [MCPE-55859] - Launching a trident (or arrow) on a hopper minecart only drops the minecart
  • [MCPE-57330] - Kelp Growth is much slower than it used to be
  • [MCPE-58579] - Loss of bottles when crafting honey blocks in the 2x2 crafting grid
  • [MCPE-60156] - Kelp intermittently affected by bone meal
  • [MCPE-60287] - Marketplace ratings get zeroed out
  • [MCPE-63205] - Wolves do not heal when fed meat.
  • [MCPE-63223] - Wither skulls don’t break obsidian,
  • [MCPE-63461] - Honey Blocks disappear when you craft one

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