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  • [MCPE-14467] - Hostile mobs are spawning on/in transparent blocks like slabs, fences, glass, etc.
  • [MCPE-15850] - Observers redirect Redstone Dust (but not visually)
  • [MCPE-16170] - Observers powering redstone dust below do not power components adjacent to the dust
  • [MCPE-22949] - Non full blocks appear the full width of a block when moving
  • [MCPE-23741] - Creepers / TNT exploding on slabs do not blow up surrounding objects
  • [MCPE-24867] - Plutonium mode deactivates when re-entering the game
  • [MCPE-25518] - Render distance on W10 locked to max 16
  • [MCPE-25640] - Tools taking incorrect durability
  • [MCPE-26440] - More eggs throw than the player has in their inventory
  • [MCPE-27125] - Chorus fruit fall damage
  • [MCPE-27514] - Plutonium Mode (Experimental) unable to be turned off
  • [MCPE-27515] - Hopper Minecarts Not Filling from Chest

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