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  • [MCPE-16347] - Anvil Sound Does Not Play After Use
  • [MCPE-21022] - Slimes not spawning in slime chunks
  • [MCPE-22176] - You can't see the coloured beds, and some mob eggs.
  • [MCPE-22309] - Creative inventory shows up as empty
  • [MCPE-22486] - Broken/Damaged Elytra entity icon texture not showing properly
  • [MCPE-23990] - Slime chunk with problem
  • [MCPE-24806] - Game crashes when you place a wither skull in a chest.
  • [MCPE-25821] - Hoppers Showing as 'update!' Blocks
  • [MCPE-25842] - Game freezes when switching windows in fullscreen
  • [MCPE-26123] - Mouse input (cursor) shows black screen with flashing cursors.

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