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  • [MCPE-7495] - Damage bar on tools overlaps
  • [MCPE-8054] - Texture glitch for stairs
  • [MCPE-8443] - Villagers don't spawn in villages
  • [MCPE-9893] - eggs,snowball can't be throw through grass
  • [MCPE-13744] - NPC's + Mobs can power minecarts
  • [MCPE-16535] - Quickly clicking to place many items into crafting slots only register one click
  • [MCPE-17879] - Oxygen bar shown in every type of suffocation
  • [MCPE-18154] - Going into the End Portal back to the Overworld crashes your game.
  • [MCPE-18898] - Screen tends to look down when lagging
  • [MCPE-19354] - Unexplored area on map causes realm to crash
  • [MCPE-19490] - Multiplayer Vehicle Bug - Rider Doesn't Sit Centrally
  • [MCPE-19817] - Placed dark oak leaves are incorrectly named Acacia leaves
  • [MCPE-19880] - Log in on Xbox Live failed
  • [MCPE-20002] - Villagers Can Walk Away During Trading
  • [MCPE-20129] - I have found a mistake in the plastic texture pack on Minecraft pocket edition
  • [MCPE-20205] - Villagers can pick up any item
  • [MCPE-20206] - Elytra has no sounds
  • [MCPE-20210] - Minecart Sound Missing
  • [MCPE-20250] - When killed by anything but melee damage, you keep your equipped armor when you respawn

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