Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.16.2 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-10474] - Wither skeleton shoots arrows like a skeleton instead of using sword
  • [MCPE-10845] - Dead wolves, slimes, and magma cubes come to life when relogging
  • [MCPE-12563] - Cauldron filled only 1/3 full cannot fill an empty water bottle
  • [MCPE-13435] - Trap doors lighting bug
  • [MCPE-14943] - Normal Zombie Didn't Attack Villanger
  • [MCPE-15498] - The home screen doesn't instantly show correct skin/name after changing them
  • [MCPE-16138] - Minecraft crashes always if NVidia 3DVision is active.
  • [MCPE-16345] - Xbox Live joining issue
  • [MCPE-16822] - Guardian's eye doesn't follow the player and they glitch out
  • [MCPE-17059] - The Wither uses spawn sound when dying
  • [MCPE-17194] - Leaves Have Incorrect Name
  • [MCPE-17210] - the creeper are even exploding without him seeing you, and behind the blocks
  • [MCPE-17416] - Fishing bobbers are not cast in the direction you're facing
  • [MCPE-17444] - Iron golem and snowman
  • [MCPE-17455] - Keyboard Bug on Minecraft Windows 10
  • [MCPE-17483] - Worlds can show to be able to hold up to 25 Players sorta....
  • [MCPE-17590] - You cant feed horse or heal
  • [MCPE-18010] - Bed Breaking Glitch
  • [MCPE-18072] - Saddles, Chests and Feeding do not work on Donkeys

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