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  • [MCPE-7] - Seeds drop below grass block when using hoe
  • [MCPE-954] - iOS wireless disconnects players after time (with fix)
  • [MCPE-1166] - Screenshots Outdated
  • [MCPE-1211] - Falling sand/gravel will disappears and floats above snow
  • [MCPE-1214] - Opening chest disconnects client in multiplayer
  • [MCPE-1216] - Client doesn't send packets required to spawn
  • [MCPE-1217] - Worlds Don't Save Changes
  • [MCPE-1219] - Directional stair textures
  • [MCPE-1220] - Equipped armor disappears when equipping other armor in the same slot
  • [MCPE-1231] - sugar cane has a red texure in the survival inventory
  • [MCPE-1233] - Multiplayer bug you disconnect after 10 sec
  • [MCPE-1249] - Writing on a sign crashes the game
  • [MCPE-1270] - Xperia Play controls not working
  • [MCPE-1288] - Wood Slabs floating
  • [MCPE-1376] - Sheep feet texture missing
  • [MCPE-1379] - Crafted leg armour no longer showing up in 3rd person view even after crafting new/changing etc..
  • [MCPE-1394] - When dyed and on bottom step, sheep's legs glitch to white

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