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console/output window does not work correctly


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    • 2.0.806 (Windows)
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    • Windows 8.1 64bit, Java version: dont know, launcher downloaded it while I got it already installed (still think its useless to redownload java while I already have it), RAM: 8GB
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      Sometimes the Output windows shows totaly nothing after a while or not, its random.

      Sometimes when it is loaded correctly and i set the lines to show to 1000 (because 500 is not posible) it gets a higher ram usage then minecraft it self this causes my pc to slowdown. (edit: on 100 lines it still crashes after a while)

      Output window is really useful for mod developers to see easyer where it went wrong instance of opening the lastest.log file. ALSO it is nice to see why minecraft crashes, because open crash report does not work (I can make a another issue for this). Yes I tested this with vanilla minecraft (just join a server that is quite busy/full) give it like 30 minutes and the output windows uses 1gb ram or is not working

      Old launcher was much better with this.
      Do I miss some info, I don't know you tell me

      EFECTED LAUNCHERS (list is not up to date): 2.0.847

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