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exit code -1073740791


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    • 2.0.806 (Windows)
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    • Windiows 7

      Java version 8 Update 121
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      When i open the laucher ther is no problem.
      If i click the play button is says java ino longer works.

      23:13:09 launcher Preparing to launch minecraft client for 1.11.2
      23:13:09 launcher Checking installations.
      23:13:09 launcher Minecraft client 1.11.2 is ready to start.
      23:13:09 launcher Starting!
      23:13:09 launcher Using default game log configuration client-1.7.xml (outputs XML)
      23:13:49 launcher Process closed with exit code -1073740791

      My nvidia is not working in my notbook ( i think is broke) but i have intel HD grapics and its work before this crash.

      i am dutch sorry for bad english.

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