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      OK SO... Where to start... So the game i supported and have owned for many years now has been inaccessible for over 3 weeks now due to this bug that you guys have done JACK SHIT about. Yet, you guys "tweet" about this issue, casually, and dont say a DAMN thing about it through the launcher to inform people about it.

      The amount of incompetents you guys must have to ignore this issue when i've seen plenty of others with it, is INSANE..(clearly more than i found if you half assedly "tweeted" about it).. YOU ARE PROFESSIONALS(more like idiotic amateurs from the look of this) THAT HAVE MADE MILLLLLIONS OFF THIS PRODUCT, yet you can't fix a "launcher", a TOOL that is suppose to make getting into the game easier/better?!

      I have every god damn right to be upset about this, SPECIALLY considering how much BS I've dug through to try to get this to work. Ive tried EVERY fucking thing besides re-installing windows. Worked fine before you poorly tried to add a "new" launcher that broke the game for me and many others. And what are you guys doing about it? OH.. many weeks later, not a god damn thing besides 1 tweet that's very old at this point...

      So the point of this bug report isn't just to rant... But to thank you fucking idiots for not allowing me to enjoy a game that i payed for many weeks now with no word or solution known to fix this issue (out of MANY, DOZENS, of forums/suggestions, UGH)

      P.S. This will be my ONLY report, so not like you need to care.. Cause clearly morals isn't important to shameless people obsessed with money.

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