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Time is off by two hours when using custom log config and not enabling XML output


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    • 2.0.729 (Windows), 2.0.934 (Windows)
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      The bug

      The time logged by the launcher is off by two hours while it uses any custom log config:

      16:29:29	launcher	Preparing to launch minecraft client for 1.12.2
      16:29:29	launcher	Checking installations.
      16:29:29	launcher	Minecraft client 1.12.2 is ready to start.
      16:29:29	launcher	Starting!
      16:29:29	launcher	Using custom game log configuration C:\Users\bemoty\Desktop\test.xml (outputs plaintext)
      18:29:30	game	[Fatal Error] test.xml:2:35: The string "--" is not permitted within comments.
      18:29:30	game	ERROR StatusLogger Error parsing C:\Users\bemoty\Desktop\test.xml

      How to reproduce

      1. Enable Advanced settings in the launcher profiles tab
      2. Enable Open output log when the game starts in the settings tab (launcher settings)
      3. Edit a profile and set the attached file test.xml as the custom log config

      Note: Happened with a PC in UTC+1 but setting the time zone to UTC or UTC+2 still caused an two hour offset.

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