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Minecraft freezes after trying to startup


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    • 2.0.729 (Windows)
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    • Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1607 (build of OS 14393.693)
      Java version 8 update 121 (build 1.8.0_121-b13)
      Launcher : Minecraft Launcher version 6 (development version: 2.0.713)
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      Since a day or two, the launcher has been updated. At first, I had that when I clicked on the play button in the Launcher, the game would never show up. I could however 'end' it in task manager. I tried it without using forge, because I do not know if that could be the problem. It loaded so far that I could see it on my screen... However it would not start that far, so that I can play. It freezes at the MOJANG 'screen', I tried just normally redownloading minecraft. This did not work. Then I deleted the launcher itself again and deleted the complete .minecraft folder, seeing as that had helped me before when my minecraft wouldn't start (previous version of Launcher). I then re-installed minecraft and it still freezes at the same 'screen'. Oh and I also updated my Java before deleting my minecraft, seeing that could be also a problem. I eventually enabled the game output to show up once the game's starting up, and it doesn't change after saying that the version is installed in to my .minecraft folder. I also tried using a cracked version of minecraft to check if it could still be my Java, but that run perfectly..


      This is a screenshot of 1.8.9, but it does exactly the same with 1.9+


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