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Launcher doesn't recognise latest java



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    • 1.6.76 (java)
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    • JRE 1.8.0_121
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      The newest minecraft launcher comes packed with java 8 build 25, which could be quite usefull for people who don't have java on their system, but it also automatically uses that (stone age) old version for all of the profiles that are set up, whereas the old launcher used to auto detect the latest version that was installed on the system and used that.

      I know that I can manually tell it to use the newest installed version of java for each profile, but that also means that everytime java updates I have to manually change each profile, which shouldn't be necessary imho.

      If I download the old launcher it does use the latest java but that version keeps bugging me to upgrade to the latest launcher "for improved perfomance", which seems a bit dubious to me if it goes nearly a 100 versions back in the java it uses!

      I would like to ask if there is a possible solution for this. Preferably the launcher would check if there is a java version on the system, if there is, use that, if there isn't, install build 25. But at least it should automatically use whatever the latest version of java is on your system in your profiles instead of build 25, unless you tell it manually not to.

      Thank you very much!




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