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Cannot switch directly to another Minecraft Playername and can login into another account, if I know the Username/email



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      I have a main Minecraft account - Meridiana - and since not long ago a second account - Lapisdemon

      Both accounts have different passwords.

      I just tried to make a Profile for LapisDemon in order to check if the Launcher would remember 2 different Usernames with 2 different Passwords.

      It failed, but it remembered 1 username incl. password, which could also be a problem at shared computers.

      See attached (censored at the password, length) screenshots:
      If I'm logged in as Meridiana, it remembers the 13w24a and the 13w25c Meridiana profile - it logs me in immediately without me having to click the "Play" button at all.

      Then I logout as Meridiana, switch to the Lapisdemon-profile - I have to click "Play", but it didn't remember my password, it says "Bad Login", because it remembered Meridiana's password.

      When I login as LapisDemon, I can switch to a Meridiana-Profile, and it logs me in automatically! I don't have to logout first from LapisDemon, I don't have to type the password for Meridiana, or anything like that.

      Also: If I know Meridiana's Minecraft name or email, I can login as Meridiana (although I am LapisDemon), because the password of Meridiana has been stored.

      So in my opinion either make the Launcher remember all the different usernames including their passwords, or log out the usernames after chosing another profile with another Username in the Profiles-Dropdownmenue, and don't remember any passwords at all.

      Possible risk:
      Let's say you have a shared computer, for example for 2 or more siblings.
      We know the stories about "it wasn't me that griefed, it was my brother that logged into my account" etc..

      I didn't want to change my LapisDemon password (too much of a hassle) to check if it would have logged me in automatically as LapisDemon with my LapisDemon-profile.

      In case this is needed, I will do this for you though.

      Kind regards,

      PS: My apologies in case that has been already reported - I searched for "launcher several profiles" and "several usernames launcher" and didn't find anything.

      PPS: I don't know if it is a bug, but as you can see from my screenshots, it only gives me 3 questionmarks "???" at Service Status for Multiplayer and Login, and there are no "Update Notes" ?


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