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Redstone blocks power pistons even when there is a block separating them from above.


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    • 1.6.44
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    • Mac OS X vers. 10.8.5, Java version 8 update 60.
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      So, I was building a 3x3 piston door, and I noticed that the top piston wasn't retracting. I tried updating the piston, and the blocks near it, but to no avail. Then I realized something must be powering it, so I broke the redstone blocks above it, and it worked. I also did some testing in single player, and the same thing kept happening.

      Photo 1: the bug in all its glory (Singleplayer) http://tinyurl.com/onrwgmp

      Photo 2: the place where I discovered it. Notice how the redstone block is missing on the right, and the piston is retracted. (Multiplayer): http://tinyurl.com/pq7cqqf

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