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Trouble launching and logging into Minecraft Launcher



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      Hello, I am contacting you because I am currently having a problem logging into the Minecraft Launcher.

      Since yesterday, when I wanted to launch the Launcher, I noticed a problem: when the Launcher launches, the Microsoft Store also, it opens like a spam window. You can see it on the attached video (compressed video in .rar format), the application cannot be closed or minimized.

      Secondly, after the launcher finished loading, it shows an error message that I can't connect and asks me to restart the launcher (in the video I don't but I already tried to do it and nothing changes).

      Then, the connection could not be established, it offers me to connect to my Microsoft or Mojang account, I only have a Microsoft account so I choose this option (see video), and from this moment , the loading becomes infinite and the Microsoft Store always remains open.

      In order for the Microsoft Store to close I have to open the task manager, then select the Minecraft Launcher and click on "end task". Once done, the Launcher is completely closed and I can close Microsoft Store without it reopening.

      However I am unable to log in and play Minecraft.

      I also mention that I uninstalled and reinstalled everything but nothing happened.

      I would like to know what it is possible to do because it bothers me to have bought a game at 25€ and not to be able to play it.

      Awaiting your response, I remain at your disposal for any further information,





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