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Something went wrong in the login process.


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    • 2.2.3965 (Windows)
    • Minecraft Launcher
    • Windows version: Windows 10 version 20h2
      Java version: Version 8 update 291 (build 1.8.0_291-b10)
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      Hello! So I've recently migrated to a microsoft account and since then I've been getting the error in the image attached. That happens whenever I click the microsoft login. It once worked randomly and i could play but then the next day when opening minecraft launcher it shows that I dont have minecraft and I am in demo mode and when i log out and try to log in this happens. I've uninstalled my antivirus, updated my windows version from 2004 to 20h2,  restarted, and checked my host files but there wasnt anything wrong with that. i have also watched alot of youtube videos and got on alot of sites to find the fix. I've tried everything and nothing worked and I'm pretty bored now and i have been trying to fix it for over 4 days now.

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