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issue with launcher core / Empty folders



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    • 2.2.3201 (Windows)
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      I'm running into a problem on my new computer, and can't seem to find the problem on my own.  I've tried to install with both the .msi and the .exe available on the website (Tried with firewalls on, firewalls off, and running basic safe mode) and the problem I'm getting every time is 3 items are installed every time.  A Minecraft folder, the launcher in said folder and an empty game folder.   I have even gone as far as to try to copy the information from my old computer (Runs vanilla and various modpacks with no problem whatsoever, Zip file included for reference) but even then I try to launch, get an ABImismatch error and my entire game folder is deleted, however my other copied folders will remain (backups downloads install and instances)  Sorry if there is a related post already, but my copy of this game dated back to late 2010, and I'm unsure of the version on the old computer.  I'll give a basic breakdown in the environment section and also include a Diagnostic with all my rigs information in the attachment folder.  Thanks for any help or direction you can provide me with!


      Edit: I'm assuming the launcher from my zip is legacy, but I've tried to install the most recent Java and bedrock editions from the website, so I'm assuming those are the 2.2.3201?

      Edit 2: Zip is too large to be included


        1. DxDiag 13 July 2021.txt
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        2. Error 1 (missing launcher.dll).jpg
          Error 1 (missing launcher.dll).jpg
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        3. Error 2 Environment.jpg
          Error 2 Environment.jpg
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        4. Folder.jpg
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        5. Game Folder.jpg
          Game Folder.jpg
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