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Launcher sometimes won't load anything



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      Sometimes, when I load the launcher, everything runs smoothly. So smoothly, that I sometimes forget that I'm on a crappy integrated card. But sometimes, the launcher won't load. Sometimes, it just gets stuck on a gray or black screen. And today, this lasted for more than an HOUR. The only way to get it to work that I know of is to go into Task Manager, and go to Minecraft. End random tasks in the Minecraft "task folder" or what ever you wanna call it that have "32 bit" next to it. When there's 2 or 1 left or it stops letting you, end the whole Minecraft process and try again. If you close the launcher by pressing the X chances are it won't open again and you need to end its task. I'm not an expert, but I don't know Mojang, I have a sneaking suspicion that you secretly made the launcher depend on the GPU to work properly. If that's the case, you should really update the launcher to add support for integrated cards / bad graphics cards, or make a special launcher that would just be like the regular launcher and would get the versions at the same time, but would be designed for people who have a bad graphics card or an integrated card. The funny thing is, the GAME runs perfectly fine, in fact, it usually runs at a smooth 80-100-200 FPS non-vsync. It's the LAUNCHER that's the problem, and sometimes, it almost completely stops me from playing the game. Please Mojang, please do something about this. For solutions; I can: Download a seperate launcher from Mojang. I can't: Download a third-party launcher. Well I could, but that would be a last resort really. I don't have a photo / video of this happening because my launcher has already loaded and I don't wanna ruin it, however I may add one the next time this happens. The moral of the story is, don't switch to an integrated card. Just don't. Unless this has nothing to do with that, in which I wouldn't know because I've never owned a computer that didn't use an integrated card. I'm not kidding. I WISH I had a non-integrated card. NOTE: I don't know if a report like this already exists, and if it does I'm sorry, but I had to get this out there quickly because well, this glitch could actually make me unable to play the game. Unable to play a game I've had for years. And NO. I am NOT switching to Bedrock Edition. EDIT: Okay, I actually got a screenshot.. kinda. This is only from when the launcher is ABOUT to load, where it shows the little arrow for switching accounts first.. weird loading order but okay. When it isn't about to load, just imagine that little arrow not being there. It can either be black or gray, and if it changes color for a second then that's usually a good sign too.


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