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Minecraft Launcher does not open or load



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      For the past while now any time I have gone to launch Minecraft it has become more and more difficult. 

      Firstly I simply had to remove some mods which then worked fine for a while

      A few days later I seemed to have more issues I eventually had to uninstall and reinstall the launcher which then made the launcher work for a while

      However it got to a point where I had to reinstall the launcher every time I wanted the launcher to work after about a day of it working. 


      I eventually attempted to uninstall all of my Minecraft files from my roaming file after my previous method ceased to work. However this didn't even work after I reinstalled the launcher as it didn't work when I tried.

      The next day I tried to reinstall the launcher yet again which worked yet today nothing seems to work.

      I've tried to look up similar issues but everything I have tried has not had any effect.

      The current state of my launcher is that when I try to load it for the first time I have turned on my pc it usually opens a tab yet it doesn't load any further then the grey background in the window. Should I exit out of this tab and try to relaunch it it does not work at all and I must restart my pc to get the first outcome which of course isn't much better. Troubleshooting and compatibility testing does not seem to work, neither does launching as administer. I've tried many things that have not seemed to work


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