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With latest Launcher - no useage of farbic or Optifine with Java 15.0.2 or Java 8U281



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    • 2.2.2161 (Windows)
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    • Not working: OpenJDK 15.0.2_7 and also JRE 1.8.0_281
      working: JRE 1.8.0_51 (maybe newer versions too, this is the version minecraft installed by itself in its directory)
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      Well the header said it

      With latest Launcher - no useage of farbic or Optifine with Java 15.0.2 or Java 8U281


      We tried to use the modificated clients called Optifine and Fabric

      both do not start anymore no mater waht version you choose.

      this is effected with Java 15.0.2 and also Java 8 Update 281

      We tried:

      • orge-1.16.5-36.0.46-installer - works with the Java 15.0.2 and the new launcher

      ---- * fabric-installer-0.7.1 - choosen 1.16.5 profil - the launcher freezes and crashes )closes) after a while without any error

      • Optifine version doesn't work (I tested 1.16.5_G6, 1.16.5_G7, 1.16.5_G8_pre3) the launcher crashed (it closes directly without any error)

      When using the Java 8 U51 that is installed with minecraft all where working

      This issues is since the alst update of the MC Launcher.

      Before it was working fine in Java 8 U281 and also in Java 15.0.2


      the Vanilla Client itself and also Forge run with Java 15.0.2 and also java 8 U281 so it looks

      like that start proecces there have been changed...?


      The issue was first discussed in the Optifine github.

      [Bug] Optifine crashes with new launcher when using Java (AdoptOpenJDK) · Issue #5428 · sp614x/optifine (github.com)


      current without any result


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