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Launcher does not save java arguments between launches



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      Java Arguments do not save between launches.


      I read somewhere (in another bug, https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCL-10074 , that ...

      -> profiles are not for vanilla mc, they are for forge modpacks.

      However, this does not make sense to me.  Also, the Solution to that Bug was the fact that the Twitch Launcher was doing stuff.  I do not have Twitch installed.  Nor do I want to.  I do have Technic Launcher installed, but I have not opened or run it in a few months, and it's not invasive like Twitch is.  I am currently trying to play Vanilla.

      I have to change the Java Arguments because of a couple of bugs specific to the Mac environment that should be taken care of by default (I will make a separate bug asking for those to be included.  They include "-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true", which works, and "-Xdock:icon=<path/to/icon>", which I have not gotten to work yet.  I can't connect to other computers on LAN without the first option.  I don't like having a box that says "exec" in place of the workbench icon on my dock/taskbar, and the second option is supposed to make the executable have a real icon).  Since they are not taken care of by default, modified Java Arguments are required.

      My procedure is as follows:

      • Click Installations
      • Click Hover over Latest Release
      • Click ...
      • Click Edit
      • Click More Options
      • Change Java Arguments
      • Click Save
      • Back Up
      • Hit Play
      • Java Arguments Work.
      • Close Minecraft.
      • Reopen Launcher
      • Hit Play
      • Java Arguments Do Not Work.
      • Close Minecraft.
      • Reopen Launcher
      • Repeat first few steps to look at Java Arguments
      • Java Arguments have reset




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